Total Rentable Area

Office 415,326 square feetStorage 5,909 square feetTotal 421,235 square feet.

Year Built


Average Floorplate Size

68,000 square feet – When the central atrium is taken into account, the floorplate efficiency divides into east and west floorplates, each approximately 34,000 square feet, with excellent exterior and interior window lines.

Garage Access

The parking garage can be accessed via a two-way alley between 12th and 13th Streets, allowing for convenient ingress and egress to the building’s parking garage.

Core Factor

Multi-Tenant – 13% – 16%
Single Tenant – 11% – 13%

Typical Column Bay Spacing

43’ x 28’ at the perimeter; 28’ x 28’ typical interior bay.
Energy Star rated and LEED Gold certified as of October 2013.

Building Height

130’ above grade at the Measuring Point on 13th street (Elevation 40.00’) to the roof including 11 stories above grade and 1 story below grade with an additional 18’-6” of penthouse height above the roof.


The building occupies Lot 59 of Square 288, a site of 73,929 square feet bounded by 12th Street, 13th Street, G Street and a public alley. The site consists of the air rights above the existing Macy’s Department store and ground rights for 60 feet behind the existing building, interrupted by the existing Macy’s Loading Dock. The public alley behind the building serves the parking garage and two loading docks (east and west) for One Metro Center and one loading dock for Macy’s Department store.

Foundation & Exterior

The structural system of One Metro Center is a cast-in-place flat slab concrete frame with mild steel reinforcement on the interior bays and post–tensioned flat slab at the perimeter bays. The majority of the building is built over and supported by the structure of the existing Macy’s Department store below. The existing structure, built in 1985, was designed to carry the load of a future addition above. The northern 60 feet of the building behind the existing department store is a cast-in-place flat slab concrete structure supported on steel piles.


The roof is protected by a hot fluid applied rubberized asphalt system. This system is covered with polystyrene insulation, beneath a filter fabric, and smooth stone ballast. A paved terrace is located on the central southern portion of the main roof. The paving system is a pressed, pre-cast paver pattern mounted on pedestal supports. There are two mechanical penthouses – one over each of the east and west core areas below. The cooling towers and pump room are located in a screened enclosure north of the central atrium.


The exterior windows of the building are primarily custom-designed preglazed unitized ribbon windows with Clear Low-E insulated glass in light silver colored coated aluminum frames.

Building Access Control

Access is controlled and monitored by an electronic access control system, installed and monitored off site by Kastle Systems. Additionally, the building has contracted security officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cameras for surveillance around the building at the major service, parking and pedestrian entrances.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The building’s HVAC equipment is provided water by a closed loop condenser water system. The system is composed of two BAC cooling towers for chilled water, three plate heat exchangers and two Trane air handlers located on each floor. Air is distributed on each floor through variable air volume (VAV) units. VAV boxes serving the building perimeter are equipped with electric resistant elements for seasonal heat. Fresh air is provided by two Trane air handlers located in the penthouse mechanical equipment room.
These units have gas fired pre-heat capability and provides outside air to the mechanical equipment room located on each floor. The fresh air units are adequately sized for the building. A Trane Energy Management system is installed for control of all HVAC equipment.

Number of floors

10 above grade, 4 below grade.

Typical Floor Plate

21,869 RSF

Ceiling Height

Finished Slab to slab
8’-10’ Perimeter 10’-10’
8’-4’ Interior

Floor Load Capacity

100 pounds per square foot.
150 pounds per square foot in storage areas.

Building Façade

Six sides of glass provide 593 linear feet of light on a typical floor.
Mullion spacing: 5 feet on center.
Window height: 9 feet.
The glass tower is a unitized curtain wall system with high-performance glass.

Lobby Materials

The main lobby features a two-story volume with a glass canopy marking the entrance on 10th Street.


Anigre Mahogany on surrounding walls are accentuated by light softly glowing from the reveals.

Leed Certification

LEED CS v 2.0 Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

HVAC System

Variable Air Volume (VAV) system serviced by one water-cooled air handling unit per floor with variable frequency drives for VAV control.


Parallel configuration fan-powered VAV boxes with electric heat provided for perimeter areas.


Cooling-only shut-off VAV boxes provided for interior areas.


Each VAV box controlled by an individual space thermostat.

Electrical System

Electrical power is provided by Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO). The power distribution system is derived from PEPCO transformers located in underground vaults located off the 13th Street tower in the alley. The power throughout the building is distributed from three (3) 4000 amp 277/480V switchboards located in the below grade switchboard room at the northwest corner of the building. A 640 KW emergency generator is located on the roof. The generator is fed from a 1000-gallon tank located below ground under the northeast parking slab and is equipped with a level monitoring system located on the northwest façade of the building.

Fire & Life Safety

The existing fire alarm system consists of pull stations on each stair egress at each floor, smoke detectors in corridors and returnair ductwork, standard audible devices, flashing lights and horns. The building’s fire pump is located on the lower level mezzanine of the existing Macy’s Department store. The pump is rated at 750 gpm. The building is fully sprinklered with a wet recessed sprinkler system located throughout the tenant spaces and common areas, and a surface mounted dry sprinkler system at the loading docks and below-grade parking level.


Electronic access system controlling all entry points and elevator access; visual recognition system at loading dock; closed-circuit monitors and 24-hour monitoring.


4 office elevators with 1 doubling as freight.
1 passenger elevator and 1 freight elevator reach the roof level.
Capacity/speed – 3,500 lbs. at 350 feet per minute.

Building Amenities

3,000-SF fitness center.
5,300-SF penthouse roof terrace with catering area and restrooms.
Lobby attendant.


180 parking spaces in the on-site, four-level garage (one below grade and three above) with the ability to stack park up to 190, and 114 parking spaces controlled through a perpetual easement agreement located at the Edward Bennett Williams building, a high-quality Class A building, directly across 12th Street. The garage operates primarily as a valet service with two car lifts to move cars between all levels. The lower level is accessed by a two way ramp at the garage entry point.

Loading Dock

Access from G Place.